Princess Gets Upset Over Bedspace as Jackie B Offer to Share Hers


Princess is irritated on the first night. Despite the warm greeting, Princess felt angry early this morning when she was denied a bedspace and a Housemate refused to share it with her. Unfortunately, the House only has 20 beds, which will not be sufficient for all 22 Housemates. As a result of this shortcoming, a couple would have to share their bedspace.

Princess confessed her sadness to Jaypaul, explaining that she had her heart set on a specific bedspace but couldn’t have it because another Housemate had claimed it. In the hopes of reaching an amicable agreement, she jokingly asked him to share the bed with her, but he declined. She was taken aback by the firm “No,” as she had expected Housemates to be delighted to share their bedspaces in Biggie’s House due to a shortage of beds.

She expressed her displeasure, claiming she had not anticipated a man to act this way and that she could have easily ignored him if he insisted on not sharing. She exclaimed, swiftly dispelling the notion that sharing the bed with him meant she intended to sleep with him.

On her second effort, she was unable to secure a bed space since the other bed she sought belonged to another individual, and she was also unable to obtain it. Jaypaul explained that he understood her irritation because she disliked being bullied. Jackie B, on the other hand, accepted to share her bed with her.

Princess admitted to having anger issues and that her quick temper had forced her to attend anger management courses. She defended her calm demeanor by saying she had been regulating her anger for the past few months. The scenario, she claims, could have spiraled out of control if she hadn’t properly handled her rage. She highlighted her wish to live in harmony with her Housemates because she always gets along with others, but she would not force a connection with someone with whom she did not get along.